What do you stand for?

when you know what you stand for, others will stand with you

We work with you to Stand out.

to be respected and valued.

so people will pay attention, purchase and invest.

want to work with and for you.

trust you even when you mess up.

speak on your behalf.

prefer you to all others. 


what we do


Companies need to play many roles and need to be equally effective in each of them. How do you do this?

Define what you stand for so That you:

  • Are experienced as an ally. 

  • Cultivate a loyal, committed following.  

  • Ensure enduring profitability. 

  • Have a great impact on the market and the world. 

who we are

experienced, wise, fast and nimble

A multivalent team: corporate strategy + creative + design thinking + problem solving + rigorous research + behavior change experts. 



Driving Desire:  Proving that profitability and social change are mutually reinforcing.  

Core Question:  How can we align private and public interests to improve how we live?

True Stand:  Challenging convention.

Professional life started with a PhD from The University of Chicago. First real job was Professor at The University of Toronto.  Cultivated business strategy and speech writing at Bank of Montreal. Developed consulting skills and practice expertise at KPMG. Created Ethos JWT, the social purpose division of the international ad agency. Area expertise includes health care, start-up social enterprise, luxury retail, international development, financial services and socio-economic issues. Depth of experience includes corporate strategy, issue and reputation management, research and analysis, social purpose + Citizenship strategies, executive coaching and employee ambassadorship. Special sauce expertise is uncovering salient truths and translating them into powerful strategies that drive profitability, participation and social impact.  



Chief Creativity Officer

Driving Desire: To fight against the mediocre, the mundane and the oh-so-predictable.   

Core Question:  If not now, when?

True Stand:  Transforming the world through words.

A quick glance at all of the award show hardware crammed into Shelley’s closet will explain why she is sought after as an award show judge, industry pundit and educational speaker. From beverages to confectionery, hospitals to hospitality, packaged goods to social good, her words and ideas have helped shape the fortunes of some of the country’s most iconic brands. Over the course of some twenty-odd years in the industry, this fearless innovator has managed and motivated a department of creative hotshots at multinational JWT, helped propel the dramatic growth of an integrated agency, put a social issues agency on the creative map, and earned her spurs as a successful agency entrepreneur. Shelley holds an Honours B.A. in Modern Languages from the University of Toronto.

SOme of our clients:

what do you stand for?

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