What is Social Capital Strategy? 

A Social Capital Strategy defines what a company stands for and brings that to life through business and social actions, and communications. It achieves this by providing a clear focus for community investment, corporate philanthropy, sponsorships and promotions. Social Capital Strategy acts as a valuable lens for product and service research and development. It is a focus for employee involvement, volunteering and a source of pride. The result of which are compelling “tools” for sales teams to connect with their potential customers. Social Capital Strategy demonstrates superior management of the business; of the complete social and environmental impact the company makes on the world. It defines, reflects and brings to life the value and values of a company and will ensure that the Brand is an important Purpose.


Is this Corporate Social Responsibility?

Yes and no.  CSR is typically not seen as a business driver, but is driven by risk mitigation and compliance. CSR is usually considered necessary, but is undervalued.  To ensure that our approach drives employee pride, consumer bonding and business development, and to ensure that it is central to business success, we have developed new language and a new approach. 


What does The Divinsky Group offer?

The Divinsky Group Approach is predicated on involvement and conversation.  We are driven by  passion, guided by reason, and believe in provocative, challenging thinking. Our Approach is built around key questions: