Why would a company benefit from Social Capital Strategy?

Our proprietary research and our Return on Social Investment approach tells us that an effective Social Capital Strategy achieves the following:

  • Elevates the pride of employees
  • Deepens the respect of “watchers” and communities
  • Strengthens the bonding and loyalty of consumers
  • Drives business innovation – and creates new business opportunities
  • Solidifies leadership and reputational equity 
  • Creates enduring positive social change


Why would this be a sustainable competitive advantage?

The Divinsky Group believes that people are looking for sources of meaning, trustworthiness and believability.  Regardless of the product or service offering, demonstrating that you are a beacon of trust secures enduring bonding and business success.  The values and culture of a company are its distinctive markings. Translating this into your Social Purpose – your stance on how you make a difference to the world – is what will sustain your competitive distinctiveness.